Taking Care of Landscaping Plants During Winter

Whenever winter arrives, you’ll have to pack up your landscaping shed and say goodbye to your routine landscaping maintenance. However, this does not mean you should ignore your plants at all. While winter is the slowest time of the year for work on your landscaping, there are a couple of things you’ve got to do.  


You’ve got to take care of your landscaping plants if you want to enjoy your outdoor space all year. Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of tips you can follow, from snow removal to watering. 

How to Keep Plants Alive in Winter? 

  • Bring Them Inside 

Rather than covering and babying more temperate plants, you can bring them inside during the cold season. To avoid shocking your plant, make the transition gradual for several days. Once the season warms up for the year, bring them back outdoors. 

  • Temporary Covering or Greenhouse 

You can utilize a temporary landscaping tarp or greenhouse to protect plants during the cold months. However, for most homeowners, the hassle will not be worth it. Coverings may only warm your plants for 3 to 5 degrees. This will not save them from freezing temperatures.  

How Frequent Should You Water Outdoor Plants During the Cold Months? 

Almost every outdoor plant needs a bit of moisture over the winter thanks to the protective evergreen features or dormancy. However, how frequently do you have to water outdoor plants during the cold season? 

It is difficult to answer the question because all plants have various moisture requirements. However, you’ve got to aim to not let any plants stay dry for many days. This is particularly true for container plants. You can purchase moisture readers at any gardening shop. With routine winter snow and rain, most zone-appropriate plants will get by on their own. You might have to provide them a tiny amount of supplemental water.  

Do You Have to Water Outdoor Plants During the Cold Months? 

During the winter season, precipitation comes and goes. However, winter can also be extremely dry in general. It is crucial that they get the moisture your plants require even if it looks like they are totally dormant. If you don’t do this, they might die when the spring season arrives.  

Keeping Outdoor Potted Plants Alive 

Since potted plants are contained in a tiny volume of soil, they will quickly dry out. Because of this, they are more susceptible to ice and cold. You should not allow these plants to go completely dry out. You’ve got to take care of them properly. You’ve got to ensure they’re efficiently draining whenever you water them.  

You can re-plant them in the ground for the cold months if you don’t want to burden yourself with the worry of your contained and potted plants. If they’re planted in the ground, they’ve got access to moisture. Thus, they will not need as much care as potted plants. Whenever the spring season arrives, you can remove the plant from the ground and plant them back in the container 


Tips in Hiring Concrete Contractors

Having the job done on your own is a great idea. But hiring a pro for this job is much better. You can have less time, effort and can have an assurance that your plans will be in greater hands. Some works cannot be done all by yourself. You need somebody to do it for you. These are concrete contractors that will do the job rightfully at your best choice.  




However, getting somebody that does not fit the job gives you additional stress and problems. Instead of saving your money and time, it becomes double just because of the wrong choice. This is everyone’s nightmare. Every decision must be taking place carefully thought over time. Having an idea and knowledge about what you have decided makes you a responsible customer.   


There are things you might consider upon deciding what company you are going to call for assistance. Don’t rush everything. Sometimes you get bombarded with different ideas that pushed you to decide right away. Moreover, some decisions have been done because of emotions. These things might be helpful to you such as:  


  • Instinct. This person that you’re looking for might be your well-known neighbor or friends of yours and that you can be trusted.  
  • Licensed contractors. You need to make sure if the one you called for help in building your plans are skilled and licensed in this field. This would assure you that this person is worth the trust.  
  • Do interviews. It’s okay to ask some questions and clarify things that might confuse you. Go on with some interviews and inquire what you need to know.  
  • Recommended. Aside from being licensed for the job, you might consider if it is recommended by some of your trusted people for the quality of their works.  
  • Suit on your project. Contractors have different fields and expertise. Get someone that is within your plan or your type of project you have in mind.  
  • Have plans and biddings. Having a guide for whatever you wanted to be done is much better. You need to have a plan and make bidding out of it so that you can have the choice to make.  
  • Know the contractor personally. It’s not easy to trust somebody who goes in and out of your home. You must consider knowing him if he is the one who will do the job or he has someone in mind.  
  • Consider the cost. Don’t be too overwhelmed if the price is very low. That contractor maybe is desperate to have the job without considering the task and quality of the job to be done. Be wise when it comes to the price.  
  • Set a payment schedule. It must be clear that the payment will be given to them either half from the start and half after done or in any way you have agreed to.   
  • Have a detailed contract. Before the work has started, everything must go in writing. Having a clear contract makes the job smoothly guided and cleared out both sides of the task and responsibilities between you and the contractor. 




Reasons to Use Dumpster Rental

Listed below are the common scenarios where you may need to use a dumpster rental to effectively deal with the things you have to do. To know more about them, read on below: 



When you’re getting ready to move after living in a similar house for a long time, you’ll eventually find the stuff that you’ve kept for years that you do not need anymore. Perhaps you can consider selling a part of it in a yard sale. While the unwanted portion among them should be disposed of. If you want to make your move more much easier, bringing in a dumpster would be a nice idea.? 


At first glance, doing landscaping works might not look like it’ll produce much waste. Though, as early as you start to pull out dead turf, pull out rows of greeneries, and cut down unwanted trees, and, you’ll end up having tons of landscaping waste that should go. Moreover, you may need to use?dumpster rental?after an extreme summer storm where all the downed bushes, bushes, and trees can be hauled and tossed away.? 

Remove Clutter 

With the help of renting a dumpster bin, you don’t have to move all of the waste that’s been cluttered up within your house and haul them all away by yourself. All you need to do is to purge it and position it in your roll-off dumpster. 

Renovation of Home Interior? 

You need to make room in your home for the changes. If you’re planning for a flooring project and you are finding an old laminate floor below and tearing out carpets, all of those things need should be disposed of already. If you have rented a dumpster to be placed out of your home, you can dispose of the refuse easily and quickly.? 

Garage Cleaning 

Generally, garages are the same with junk-limbo—a spot where all things that you’re unsure to do with ends up. When you have been parking on your driveway since there’s insufficient room in your garage for your vehicle, now is the time to rent and use a dumpster and begin to clear things out.? 

Remove Clutter 

Have you seen any roofing jobs before? There is a reason why there’s a dumpster waiting out front during the roofing project. That’s because, for every 100 sq. ft. of the roof that’s removed, there are approximately 250-360 pounds of debris that are required to be put in the landfill or recycled. Though this number varies depending on the debris generated.? 

Spring Cleaning 

If you are one of the go-getters, doing a spring-cleaning job will begin in the attic and work your way down to your yard, and perhaps even the basement. Experience will tell you that you’re about to use more than trash bags to remove, clean up, and haul away the mess.? 

If you’re interested in using a dumpster rental in any situation listed above, don’t think twice to do so now and research the most reputable dumpster rental service provider today.?